22 profesionales que participan en el curso-taller "Lean", en las instalaciones de Esmaltaciones La Estrella

Esmaltaciones la Estrella implements the "Toyota System"

On the facilities of " Esmaltaciones La Estrella " interchain kitchenware , a group of professionals from fourteen irojanas companies these DISA are taught and apply a Japanese technique designed to order with croterio the productive system and in consecuiencia , improve efficiency.

This is the technique of "5S" , responding to five principles whose initials in Japanese coincide with the letter " S " :

  • Organization (seiri)
  • Order (seiton)
  • Cleaning (seiso)
  • Standardize or signal anomalies (seiketsu)
  • Discipline (shitsuke)

In practice, all this tracude in performances as clear of unnecessary material the workspace; in order that it is required, or locate and neutralize dirt fochos, among other examples. They are gestures that, apparently logical and common sense, not make a productive routine in every company .

You can read the full story in La Rioja newspaper, or downloading this pdf: 

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